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Finding a Photographer with Bidvine

Finding a photographer can be a tricky process; one of the things that always holds me back is price comparison. It can be almost impossible to find genuine quotes from businesses, particularly if you are merely looking to shop around and find the cheapest local option. This is where Bidvine, a new service comparison website, comes into its own. I recently set up an account with the express purpose of finding a good value photographer in my local area. Whilst Bidvine is currently best suited to London residents, I live near Brighton and found plenty of photographers willing to work with me.  Setting up an account was easy peasy as I used Facebook to sign up. I then chose photography as the service I was interested in and was asked a few questions to help Bidvine find the companies most suited to my requirements. Within a couple of hours, quotes started rolling in (I received both email and text notifications of this): From the above screenshot you can clearly see the request that I put …

My Sunday Photo – Throwback

Earlier in the week, we received the news that James’ nan had died. Great Nan, as the children liked to tell anyone who would listen, was 101 years old “and when she is 102 we are going to call her and sing happy birthday to you, you’re 102, you look like a monkey, and you smell like one too!” Sadly, they will never have the opportunity to make that call, though I am sure we will celebrate the day when it arrives in August, taking time to remember a remarkable lady who meant ever such a lot to her grandson and his children.  My Sunday Photo this week is a throwback to the last time Great Nan visited us by the sea a couple of years ago. It was the first time the boy met his great grandmother (one of only two meetings for him) but it is this photograph that is my favourite. Three different generations of the same family comparing bracelets. Miss J wears the same bracelet to this day – we came …

My Sunday Photo

   We have had a very busy, very outdoorsy Easter break and I am so sad that it is drawing to a close. This is my favourite photo from the last week, taken at Lulworth Cove after a busy weekend in Portland. I am going to miss these cheeky faces next week!

My Sunday Photo

When you’ve spent the majority of half term on a hot, sunny Greek island, coming back to minus 2 degrees, wind and drizzle is no fun at all. Luckily, we took lots of photos on holiday; this is one of my favourites.