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Roald Dahl Day – Golden Ticket Costume

My children adore Roald Dahl stories. It all started with the audio books – bought primarily in the hopes that they would encourage the boy to stay in bed instead of getting up ten times before settling (they work pretty well). Quickly, my children realised that they love the stories and the music that goes with them, the voices of the readers and everything else. We bought the books to go with them and read chapters before bed and listening to more. On top of this, Miss J has spent a term at school learning about Roald Dahl – not just the stories but the man behind them. So, this Roald Dahl Day, we were keen to make an effort.  Year 2 (Miss J’s year) are dressing up today, as characters from Roald Dahl stories. Weeks ago, when we heard about the opportunity, Miss J wanted to go as an Oompah Loomah and had seen the costume she wanted online. However, as we had three other dress up days this month, including World Book Day …